10 Things…Hydrogen

Hydrogen is…

1.   the most abundant element in the universe.

2.  extremely flammable  but you need oxygen for it to explode (YouTube of Nottingham’s Video).

3. a diatomic gas at room temperature and pressure – H2 (diatomic – two atoms joined together by bonds, one bond in the case of H2)

4. the main component of the gas giant planet Jupiter – metallic hydrogen liquid forms the core of the planet, a form of hydrogen that can only exist under extreme pressure.

5. the gas used in the Hindenburg blimp.  The one that exploded (although theories as to why it exploded vary).

6.  the basic building block for all the other elements in the periodic table, forming them in nuclear fusion in the heart of stars (and those elements going on to form other elements and so on)

7.  widely believed to be the fuel of the future (‘the hydrogen economy’), but problems exist in creating fuel cells and methods of obtaining and storing hydrogen that don’t cost the earth.

8. responsible for a lot of acid-base behavior in chemistry.

9. used in the Haber industrial process to fix nitrogen, forming ammonia – an important chemical feedstock

10.  abundant in organic molecules, and has a special sort of bonding associated with it – hydrogen bonding.  Hydrogen bonding is responsible for water (2 parts hydrogen, one part oxygen, H2O) being liquid at room temperature, and many of the other properties of water.

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  1. Comment to: ‘Endless Possibilities’, 1st . . .

    And Atheists ‘do not believe in God’?
    How is it even possible for One Not to Believe in God?
    When such an ‘rudimentary’ element as Hydrogen, is SO vital to SO much of Our ‘rudimentary’ Comprehension of ‘known and/or suspected’: Natures of Physics?

    I am endlessly fascinated by the Fact that: We Drink Water. Water IS the ‘Universal Fire Extinguishing Agent’. Water is composed of the ‘two elements, which Are Intrinsically “IN NEED OF EACH OTHER” for ‘Combustion to Occur’!
    Hydrogen (The MOST Combustible substance in the Universe) !
    Oxygen (The Primo ‘Accelerant’ in the Universe) !

    How is it even possible for One Not to Believe in God?
    When WE ‘LIVE’ with and within such a Miracle as WATER ?
    ‘Water’, Being Only ONE ‘Critically’ necessary Miracle ‘Molecule’ for the sustenance of Life,
    as We know ‘Life’ . . .
    “ONE Molecule” . . . Amongst the Multitudes of Miracles/Molecules with which We endlessly and VITALLY interact ? ? ?

    How is it even possible for One Not to Believe in God? *
    Did I sleep-through the Class on ‘Literallity’?

    Roy Stewart,
    Phoenix AZ

    * As a Very Young Child . . . I questioned ‘Religion’ . . . too ‘muddied and muddled’ with ‘Anthropodic’ Interpretation/clarification’ !
    Whereas GOD required no interpretation . . . I was, with ‘All My Senses’, AWARE ! ! !
    How is it even possible for One ‘Not’ to Believe in God?

    end Comment to ‘Endless Possibilities’

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