Chemistry Meme

Chemjobber has started a chemistry meme! How could I not play along! (also seen at  Carbon-Based Curiosities, the Sceptical Chymist and Chemistry World blog).

My favourite things about chemistry:

1.  Things like this:that become things like this:

after about 1 minute!  Elephant’s toothpaste demonstration (hydrogen peroxide, washing up liquid, KI catalyst and a suitable container) – simple, effective chemical fun!

2.  Things like this:Beautiful, symmetrical molecules, fully made and characterised.

3. Vanillin TLC stain, and still being able to smell it in your hair hours after completing the column.  (seriously, one of the most pleasantly pervasive chemistry smells around)

4. Platinum – beautiful, and extremely useful (cancer therapy, catalysis…).

5. Adding amine ligands to copper sulfate solution – the colour changes are stunning.

6. NMR – elegant characterisation technique, particularly some of the 2D sequences.

7. Zeolite structures – when drawn well, you could imagine them going on forever.

This is ferrierite.  Again, beautiful symmetrical structure.

8. Glowy things! For example: tetrakis((μ-3–Iodo)-pyridine-copper(I))

This tetrameric copper complex (pyridine and a Cu-I cage) has wonderful temperature dependent luminescence.  We make it in our second year lab course – golden under uv light at room temperature, purple when cooled in liquid nitrogen.

9. The periodic table – what else would I put on my wall?

10. Polymers-  forget wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, wibbly wobbly gooey stuff is the way forward!

As I don’t think he’s done a meme before, I’ll tag Rob Jackson!

One thought on “Chemistry Meme

  1. Chemistry is wounder full.It is true color of life if followed.I my self a chemist but changed my way as a professional but still i like study chemistry.The beauty of chemistry come with true colors when we work at lab,mix different chemicals,specially the co-ordination complexes.
    Due to my love for chemistry i have started my M.Phil studies and now i study environmental chemistry and related subjects just to ….. my thirst ,passion and love for chemistry.I am doing all this with my professional duties as professional broadcaster.Chemistry has its own wounder world ,charm and life…….weather one come to organic complexes or in organic complexes…. so the above structures are wounder full …and food for thought…..for all

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