Stuff I linked on Twitter last week.

Marking season is here, compounded by grant writing season so its hard to write meaningful/thoughtful/barely literate blog post. As I’m hiding from the sun today I’ll make more of an effort, starting with things I linked to or retweeted this week.

Friday the 18th of June is Blue Footed Booby Day in aid of the Galapagos Conservation Trust. Not only an opportunity to make endless jokes about the name of the birds, but a chance to do some fundraising for an incredibly important part of the world. H/T @kejames

Derek Lowe who writes the ‘In The Pipeline’ blog had a post pointing out the strange and creative additions to Angwandte Chemie abstracts. With lines like ‘Hey Mickey you’re so fine‘ and ‘Who eight all the s?’, they’re surely having a lahf. It does offer me a little more incentive to browse the table of contents for each edition so in that sense, it seems to be working.

I found the new Olympic Mascots for London 2012 creepy, weired and worse than the logo. I’m still convinced that Mandeville was what we had BEFORE the last election.

I was interested to read about a supposed link between the demise of Smallpox vaccination and the rise of HIV. I didn’t get a chance this week to look further into that story. H/T @cathennis

@BoraZ provided a list of all submissions so far to the Open Laboratory 2010 – the science blogging anthology that gets bigger and better each year! Click through if you’re looking for some great blog writing.

Lastly, I retweeted a link for an article that claimed that successful scientists drink more. Again, I didn’t have time to read more but have my doubts. H/T @laylamichan and @pabloachard

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