Stuff I linked to on Twitter this week.

12 Things Good Bosses Believe, as retweeted by @biochembelle who suggests that this is a true for academia as it is for business.

Tony Grew’s thoughtful article on David Laws as retweeted by many people I follow on Twitter.

Highly Allochthonous describes what a ‘Top Kill’ operation is for the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster.

Following a debate on Twitter about the so-called Synthetic Life, David Bradley (@sciencebase) wrote a nice piece summing up the arguments regarding whether the genome of this breakthrough could be considered the largest defined synthetic chemical. There were a few contenders for the crown.

Graduate School is just like playgroup from @phdcomics

A wonderful timelapse video showing the setup of the Space Shuttle, seen at @Grrlscientist.

Silica cages help anti-cancer antibodies kill tumours in mice. H/T @nanomagazine.

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