Stuff I twittered about this week

I’m going to take a leaf from Allochthonous’s book (or a page from his blog…) and list the stuff I linked to on Twitter this last week here – mainly to keep a record for myself of the things that struck me as funny, neat or otherwise interesting.  I’m @kjhaxton on Twitter.

“The Evolution of Asshatitude on the Internet” a blog post by Greg Laden about online communities and the kinds of bad behaviour we see there.  Its a subject close to my heart  – if web2.0 is ever going to really work for scientists and educators, we’re going to have to deal with the negative behaviour.

I linked to Stephen Curry’s blog post about making movies of molecules.  “Making Movies” over at Reciprocal Space. I absolutely love the  short movie Stephen made – just the right balance of chemistry, beautiful structures and geekery!

Hmm, apparently I didn’t tweet too many links this past week.  I’ll include a few older but good ones, and for the sake of my sanity, will omit anything to do with the election.  Time to move on…

I retweeted a retweet by @ScienceGoddess about Chinglish signs – signs that have been translated in to English from Chinese with meanings other than those that were perhaps intended.

I also would like to recommend a blog (as @SmallCasserole did), A Life In The Day Of A Basics Doc.  This is written by RapidResponseDoc and he describes himself as “I am a BASICS Doctor. I am one of a select group of doctors who give up their time to provide medical care at the roadside”.   Now, that sounds like an important job.

So that seems to be all non-election stuff I linked to.  I think I need to link to more stuff, especially given how many blogs and whatnot I read on a daily basis!  So, those of you looking for Sunday evening/Monday morning procrastination, I hope some of these links are interesting!

Comments please!