Shaking things up…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it is unlikely that you’ve not noticed the big shake up in science blogging that was (in part) started by giving Pepsi a blog (which was later removed).   While I’m sad that many bloggers have been forced to up root and move, I can’t help feeling a little excited too – new starts often fill bloggers with new vigour for writing.  This post is mainly to update the blogroll I keep, and point you in the direction of some eloquent and wonderful writing.

Highly Allochthonous with Chris and Anne can now be found:

A Blog Around the Clock can now be found: but you should really read Bora’s last post at ScienceBlogs for a wonderful summary of science blogging from his point of view.

I’m still playing with the links displayed here but if any of you have any suggestions for blogs not featured, drop a comment.

Update: And a few others…

PalMD of White Coat Underground is now here:

Deborah Blum of Speakeasy Science (chemistry blog!!) is now here:

There are also a couple of new (to me) blogging collectives:

Lab Spaces

Field of Science

And another update:

GrrrlScientist can now be found at: or .com or .info or .org or .us – she was making sure we’d all still find her.