Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

  • RT @NeilWithers: Nobel prize prediction starts early at ChemBark #
  • RT @morphosaurus Stages Of Succession On University Applications #
  • RT @Allochthonous: Interesting post from co-blogger @highlyanne: [Edinburgh] Castle geology #
  • @LouiseJJohnson some Tesco extras stock it too. Absolutely love cooking with it 😉 in reply to LouiseJJohnson #
  • marking in august = extreme misery #
  • currently trying to work out what I'll be wearing next Thursday…so I can make my ppt presentation match 🙂 #
  • man who attacked pregnant girlfriend has sentence cut after judge held both responsible for "difficult relationship". #
  • Re last tweet. A difficult relationship NEVER excuses violence against women (or violence of any kind). #
  • In my living room tonight – you'd think it was November, not August. But it is pretty cold so am glad of the stove #
  • Strange dreams last night – I was writing exam questions…they were actually half decent so am now writing them down before I forget them! #
  • Found: noisy black cat ST5/ CW3 postcodes, now refusing to leave our garden! hard to type with cat on lap! Please RT #

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