Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-10

  • RT @grahamfarmelo: So far this year, all the science Nobels have gone to British universities. Is the goverment listening?… #
  • RT @shanahanmike: Heavy metal hell. 3 dead. 6 missing. 120 hurt. Hungary declares a state of emergency #ejn #
  • RT @NeilWithers: "chemistry as an intellectual discipline looks […] to have been largely solved" ??? (h/t @ananyo) #
  • Hah! RT @stuartcantrill: Have made preparations to write about tomorrow's Chem Nobel… #
  • Hear Hear! RT @Ananyo: oh get a life: "mainstream media coverage … often sterile, formulaic, unimaginative" #
  • And half of biology calls itself chemistry…and so on…RT @BobOHara: @kjhaxton I think chemistry now just calls itself physics. #
  • Tuesday WIN! It's #beeroclock #
  • Chemistry Nobel goes to… CHEMISTS!!! Heck, Negishi and Suzuki. #
  • RT @DavidKroll: Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2010: Remembering Mizoroki #nobelprize #
  • LOL!!! RT @BobOHara: Oh dear. This year's Nobel Prize for Biochemistry has gone to some outsiders. #
  • RT @Ananyo: te he. to be fair they gave the physics nobel to people who used sticky tape to peel off a layer of pencil lead. #
  • I'm waiting for 140 character proposals 🙂 RT @research_uk: EPSRC: Proposals submitted to EPSRC – change in font size #
  • It must be #beeroclock#
  • Now its post #beeroclock and things are a little hazy! #
  • I love Caesers! RT @enniscath: @kjhaxton @BobOHara @geeka all hail CAESAR o'clock! Yay, pickled beans! 6 hours and counting! #
  • Half pissed vodka I'd think 🙂 RT @enniscath: @Geeka @kjhaxton @BobOHara half past vodka, or half passed out from vodka? #
  • And there are only 50 teaching days til Christmas (I'm getting an advent calendar to help with the countdown!!) #

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