2010 in Review

I really want to write a review of the year post.  I know it is a bit…well…blah…but I don’t care!

After staggering back from the pub on campus in the early hours of 2010, the year got off to a conventional start with exam marking and lecture prep for 15 brand new (to me) lectures for the second semester.  I apparently started the blogging year ranting about conferences.  That was a rant I continued into February but diluted it with other stuff including the beginnings of some posts on polymers (that I resolve to finish this year).  I also went to Scotland for a weekend in February.  March brought a couple of tonnes of topsoil being delivered for the new raised beds in our garden, generally crap weather and me channelling my inner ‘Rolf Harris’ spirit with a post called ‘Do you know what it is yet?‘.  Looks like the theme for March was ranting about the need to characterise products.

I managed to go on holiday in April (Lake District, epic walks), but still found the time to write about referencing and why lecturers are not teachers (may dig that post out for a couple of the first years actually who don’t seem to grasp why I object to being called ‘miss’).   I obsessed a little about books in May but was busy generally with end of semester stuff like meetings, marking and general mayhem.   June brought another holiday (Machrihanish, Kintyre, epic beach, we stayed in a wigwam) and a series of posts about scientific publications.

July saw us taking  another trip to Scotland, this time to St Andrews.  I wrote about a variety of things.  We did find time to scoot up the Forth Rail Bridge at the very beginning of August.  (now that’s PPE)  The other exciting thing we did in August was get double glazing put in, something that seemed like hassle at the time but a couple of weeks ago when it was minus something stupid degrees outside, I was very grateful!  I blogged about random stuff including the upcoming September conference fest.

Despite my January Rant about conferences, I managed to go to a fair few in September, including Variety in Chemistry Education, Science Online London 2010 (yes I did always mean to write another post about it but I got busy) and the British Science Festival.   September turned out to be the very busy calm before the storm, and at the end of that month our biggest every first year of chemistry students started.  Semester started and I began to run around like  a mad person.   Busy means chocolate so I wrote about how to make the best hot chocolate, amongst other more chemical stuff.  November followed October and brought the end of manic-teaching-fest-2010 and heralded the beginning of mad-marking-fest-2010, and another trip to Scotland!  Apparently I didn’t feel particularly inspired by all of the teaching and marking so restricted blogging to twitter summaries. (Which I’ve now stopped because I wanted them to be private posts so I could keep a record of the links.  I couldn’t get it to work.)  December saw me coming up for air, just in time to clean the house for Christmas

So in the closing hours of 2010, I’m going to drink wine and watch a Harry Potter film.  Happy New Year to you all when it comes!

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  1. I can say with some authority that you didn’t start 2010 by staggering back from the pub – you were serfectly pober!

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