Chemistry Jobs Blog Round Table

Today brings the start of a week long blog round table on the subject of the future of chemistry jobs. This round table will be hosted on a number of excellent chemistry blogs. While I suspect that there will be a large North American focus to many of the discussion (understandably as the blogs are American!), many of the issues are global ones and face many young chemists as they hit the job market for the first, second, third or umpteenth time.   So you can substitute the names of funding bodies for those of the British ones – trust me, while the funding mechanisms and names aren’t identical, many of the issues are! So go and join in the discussion.

List of topics and links to blogs (thanks to Paul at ChemBark for this list that I’ve shamelessly copied):

Monday: ChemJobber will discuss the academic labor market in science

Tuesday: Just Another Electron Pusher will tackle the question of whether academia is producing too many PhDs in chemistry

Wednesday: Paul at ChemBark be discussing why the idea of tenure for chemistry professors is stupid

Thursday: ScienceGeist will discuss what policy changes should be instituted to address problems in this area.

Friday: ChemJobber will host a recap

If I get the chance (and with Christmas looming large on the horizon, I may not) I will try to produce a summary of the relevant issues translated for across the Atlantic consumption.    I may be off making mince pies and icing my Christmas cake however.