2011: Week 1

The state of our garden (its a side garden) this afternoon.   Its the first time in a couple of months that its been snow-free and warm enough to get out and tidy up a bit.  Last year’s big project was raised beds, and involved lifting a pile of chips, dealing with endless buried bricks and lugging in the top soil from the street.  It turned out the garden was mainly sand and rubble.  This years project is to turn the area on the left of the photo above from a weird little border into a proper bed.  See below:

So if we lift two lines of slabs (which are concreted onto sand I think), build a retaining wall or use raised bed style wooden boards, we should be well placed to put in some soil.  Have to think about the depth of the soil though because it will be sand and stones beneath so whatever we put in will be the depth available. Yes, we will have to move all the junk first!