I’ve been reading around today, reading blogs outwith the usual RSS subscriptions and I came across a few blog posts that made me sick to my stomach but also a few new blogs that are brilliant. I’ve particularly enjoyed The Science of Blogging.  Of particular interest was a post on ‘How readable is your blog?‘  Not particularly is the answer I think!

The method to calculate is to do [(1 x basic) + (2 x intermediate) + (3 x advanced)]/100 .  Clearly a blog written very plainly will have 100 % basic reading level and  score 1.  My score would be 2.09 which isn’t too bad really!  I wonder if part of the advanced score is due to the chemistry specific terminology – basic for chemists, not so much for other people?

Other measures of reading age are available!  [try Online-Utility – it claims you need about 7 years of formal education to follow my blog posts, but some parts of the analysis look like the website coding is getting in the way.]