2011 Week 5

This weeks photo is of Saturday morning bleakness – the office!  Marking fest 2011 has given way to teach-and-grant-application-fest 2011 and so I’m currently existing in some semi-chaotic state where the coverage of the desk fluctuates between more textbooks than reasonable and papers and grant application drafts.  Productivity declines with the number of laptops on the desk – one’s rendering Camtasia screencast lectures at the moment.  If you’re about to comment that it seems quite tidy, well I spent a little time yesterday procrastinating and tidying things into piles.  That coincided with the point where I could not reasonably write or type another word about anything, and was shortly before pinkwineo’clock was declared.

I’m writing the blog post while the screencasts render – it takes forever!  I need to check and upload them so need something sufficiently mindless to fill in the time.