For a short month, February packs one helluva punch.  Part of me can’t believe its now March, part of me still hopes its January and I’ve got lots of time before big scary deadlines!  There are some months of the year when I can look back and wonder what on earth I actually did, what I achieved.  February is not such a month and by the beginning of March I’m definitely ready for the spring vacation to catch up on sleep and the rest of my life.  So, because I know you were all wondering what this academic does with her time, I’ll tell you.

I gave 11 lectures in February, nicely spread out (extremely light teaching month).  I helped in 6 hours of laboratory classes, and ran 3 hours of problems classes.  I attended 7 meetings with an average length of 1.5 hours each and  I timetabled 6 formal meetings with students, but no doubt had about 4 times that many informal meetings with students about class tests, research projects, and life in general.   I submitted 1 major funding application, 3 minor funding applications, and 2 abstracts for publication.  I let one deadline sail past, taking a rather academic view of its urgency and will tackle it tomorrow.  I worked one Sunday recruitment day, and worked pretty much every other day of February to meet all the funding application deadlines.  I’ve also had many fantastic conversations with my research student, many of which have been about great results that definitely provide the light at the end of the long, gloomy tunnel that is February.  Actually that also came in the form of a new contract, moving me from a soon to expire (31st of March) 3 year fixed term contract to an ‘indefinite’ contract.  So I’ll still be here in April, and May and…

Will March be any better?  I’ve already timetabled 4 student meetings this month, lectured 2 hours, and spent 4 hours in meetings so somehow I doubt it.  I also have a very big, very scary funding application looming large on the horizon (with an absolute, hard, unmoveable deadline) of  the end of March.  Marking is starting to pile up and I have about 4 oral examinations to conduct over the next week, as well as 4 hours of lectures, 3 hours of labs and what looks spookily like another large helping of meetings, all topped off with a double visit day (undergraduate recruitment) next weekend.  The week after will be fun because THEY LET ME OUT IN PUBLIC.  I’ve got a few outreach activities planned, one on campus, one off  campus.

Now, I think its just about beero’clock so I’m going to shut up and post this.  Have a good weekend.



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  1. Hang in there!

    Oh, and congratulations on your permanent (or rather indefinite) appointment! It sounds like things are going well!

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