What Am I? 17

Below I’ve listed the key chemicals found in a commonly available  product, which may be slightly UK-centric.  I’ve drawn the chemical structures of principal components where simple and appropriate; given the E number or CAS number (however tempting Sigma-Aldrich catalogue numbers would be) if no simple chemical structure exists for an additive; and given the chemical formulae or name if neither of the above make sense.  See if you can guess what this is!  If no one gets it within 24 hours, I will post a clue.  If you guess on Twitter (@kjhaxton), please DM your guess so others can play.

2 Replies to “What Am I? 17”

  1. Urine from somebody who has recently eaten asparagus.
    Urea, water, salts and creatinine are common in urine. Methanethiol give urine an odor after eating asparagus.

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