Academic Family Tree

The concept of an academic family tree rears its head every so often.  I started constructing mine a few months ago but never finished the post.  The concept is that your academic parent (they might all be male but I see no reason to specify ‘father’), is the person you did your PhD for.  If you had a jointly supervised PhD, the supervisor making the largest contribution would count.  Obviously this starts with me and works back in time.

Dr. Katherine J. Haxton PhD 2005  St Andrews

Prof. Russell E. Morris DPhil 1992 Oxford

Prof. Anthony Cheetham DPhil 1971 Oxford

Prof. Sir Brian Fender PhD 1959 Imperial College London

Prof. Richard M. Barrer PhD 1935, Cambridge

Sir Eric Rideal PhD 1912, Bonn

Richard C J P N Anschütz, PhD 1874, Heidelberg

Friedrich August Kekulé, PhD 1852, Giessen

Heinrich Will, PhD 1839, Giessen

Justus von Liebig, 1822, Erlangen [which is usually the point where most chemists stop, as this is one of earliest recognisable chemists.  Liebig is also a branch point where the family tree diverges.  The remaining names are listed below in short order.

Kastner Gottling Weigleb Baldinger Mangold Hamberger Wedel, J.A. Wedel G. F. Rolfinck Spieghel

Fabricius Falloppio Brasavolo Lonigo Pelope