Favourite Chemistry Words

Hypocentre must win the prize for best blog title ever with ‘Crozzle Redux’ submitted for the latest Accretionary Wedge Carnival.  The theme for this carnival is favourite geology words which made me think – what are my favourite chemistry words?

One of my favourites is ‘Silsesquioxane’, referring to silicon oxygen containing molecules with the general formula RSiO3/2.  Silsesquoixane is a combination of siloxane, refering to silicon and oxygen compounds; and sesqui meaning one and a half or 3/2 in Latin.

There are, of course, many molecules that raise a snigger including arsole, Phthalic acid and uranate.  For a complete list, visit the ‘Molecules with silly or unusual names‘  or the wikipedia site. They’re funny and memorable but not really my favourite words.

Chemistry obviously yields a number of extremely long names for compounds such as:

Tert-butyl 3-[2-[3-[2-[3-[2-[3-[[3-[2-[bis[3-[2-[bis[3-[2-[bis(3-tert-butoxy-3-oxo-propyl)amino]ethyl amino]-3-oxo-propyl]amino]ethylamino]-3-oxo-propyl]amino]ethylamino]-3-oxo-propyl]-(3-trieth oxysilylpropyl)amino]propanoylamino]ethyl-[3-[2-[bis[3-[2-[bis(3-tert-butoxy-3-oxo-propyl)amino] ethylamino]-3-oxo-propyl]amino]ethylamino]-3-oxo-propyl]amino]propanoylamino]ethyl-[3-[2-[bis (3-tert-butoxy-3-oxo-propyl)amino]ethylamino]-3-oxo-propyl]amino]propanoylamino]ethyl-(3-tert-butoxy-3-oxo-propyl)amino]propanoate

Good luck with that one!

More pronounceable words include Schlenk, Soxhlet, Shikimic, all quite pleasant due to the sss sounds, or fullerene, frit or Friedel (as in Friedel-Crafts) due to fff sounds.  Soxhlet seems to be a winner with R but I’m still undecided.  I quite like evanescent (as in the wave) or effervescent.

So what’s yours?

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  1. I’m working with cyclam right now. Love that ligand. Also enjoy the scorpion ligand. I’m also a big fan of all of the wordplay that one can have with the word “copper”

  2. Mucilaginous and viscid both describe things I made last week, but aren’t chemical per se. I’d’ve said deliquescent if I’d seen this earlier. A Belgian once called my water bath a ‘bain marie’. I love the element Dysprosium, who’s name means ‘hard to get’. What were we talking about again?

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