Random Search Terms

Like most bloggers, I have a passing interest in the random search terms that people use on Google (other search engines are available) to find my site.  And also, like most bloggers, some of those terms may be described as bizarre and completely unrelated to anything that I actually write about.

Firstly, do I know how to pronounce silsesquioxane.  Why yes, indeed I do. I don’t actually have a guide on this site as to how to pronounce it, and when I started working with them, I got lessons on saying it.  Silsesquioxane: sill-sess-kwi-ox–ane.  Not too difficult for native English speakers, but perhaps tricky with certain languages.  Incidently if you’ve come here looking to find images of silsesquioxanes and other pretty molecules, don’t be so damn lazy – draw your own or go to wikipedia.

Secondly, people searching for my name and the usual variety of misspelt variations. I’m called Katherine. That brings with it a whole host of idiotic misspellings and with a last name of Haxton, most memorably written ‘Haggistone’, it is amusing at first.  Well I hope you all found what you were looking for.

One of the most common search terms that lands people here is variations on the ‘what is the difference between a teacher and a lecturer’. I think I wrote about this once.  This is a good thing to search for, I’m glad you’re all taking steps to educate yourselves on the difference between teachers and lecturers.

The perfect hot chocolate is another popular search term, and again, I did write about it once.   Fortunately I am currently within 5 minutes walk of two places selling as damn-near-close-to-perfect-as-you’re-going-to-get hot chocolate so once I hit post on this, I may well head off for one.

Finally there are often some deluded folks searching for the greatest chemist of all time, and various bits and pieces relating to research and polymer chemistry.  Again, I’m sure wikipedia is more useful than this blog.

As a parting thought (for hot chocolate is truly calling to me now),  perhaps you may all like to consider how one goes about using this particular cleaning product:


If any of my students were so daft as to fill out a COSHH or other safety form as badly as this, I’d probably ban them from the lab. One does wonder how it comes to be stored in a bottle…