10 Things…Fluorine

Fluorine is…

1. an important component of Telfon, poly(tetrafluoroethylene).

2. in toothpaste and may be added to drinking water to prevent tooth decay as a fluoride salt.

3.  extremely reactive, and will react with noble gases like xenon.

4.  part of CFCs – chlorofluorocarbons – that damaged the ozone layer

5.  a pale yellow gas at room temperature.

6.  used in the enrichment of uranium by forming a gas, UF6.

7. found in many drug molecules including 5-fluorouracil used in chemotherapy.

8. a powerful oxidising agent in elemental form.

9.  capable of attacking (etching) glass when found as HF – hydrofluoric acid.

10.  found in minerals including feldspar (calcium fluoride, fluorite).

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