Prognostication 101 Course Proposal

University of Great Britian, Faculty of Physical Sciences: Course Proposal Form

Proposed Title: FFS-101 Future for Scientists: Prognostication

Purpose and Reason for Introduction: The purpose of this course is to equip students with the ability to predict the future using a variety of techniques and to appreciate the inherent error in such methods.  This course has been introduced in response to requirements for academics to assess the National Importance of research work over a 10 – 50 year time span when applying for research grants from certain funding bodies.  The course team realise that the existing physical sciences course lacks adequate training in prognostication and this course is therefore compulsory for all students wishing to pursue a career in academia.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

1.  Gain an appreciation for and describe a range of prognostication techniques available including, but not limited to: tarot card reading, astrology, hepatomancy (reading entrails), Mayan prophecy.

2.  Understand, describe and explain the limitations of prognostication in the current research climate, and sources of major and minor errors such as climate change, changes in policy, and changes in Government.

3.  Describe and explain the results of a prognostication activity with a specific research goal in mind in a written report of suitable format for inclusion into a research grant application.  (Formative Assessment)

4.  Successfully complete the outcomes of a practical course involving hands on experience of a variety of techniques* taught by academic staff and guest lecturers.


Formative Assessment: As per learning outcome 3.  Students will receive feedback from staff 2 weeks in advance of the deadline for this assignment.

Summative Assessment: 50 % final exam; 50% written report based on students own prediction of module grade using one or more of the techniques in the practical course.


*Please note that the hepatomancy class will be held in the afternoon, however due to the nature of the specimens under study, students are advised to avoid lunch, particularly processed meat products.


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  1. Yes although the exact prognostication properties of the faster than light neutrinos seems unpredictable 🙂

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