What Am I? Season 2 Episode 3

Below I’ve listed the key chemicals or elements found in a commonly available  product, which may (or may not) be slightly UK-centric.  All chemicals drawn below are part of the same product.  I’ve drawn the chemical structures of principal components where simple and appropriate; given the E number or CAS number (however tempting Sigma-Aldrich catalogue numbers would be) if no simple chemical structure exists for an additive; and given the chemical formulae or name if neither of the above make sense.  See if you can guess what this is!  If no one gets it within 24 hours, I will post a clue.  If you guess on Twitter (@kjhaxton), please DM your guess so others can play.

3 Replies to “What Am I? Season 2 Episode 3”

  1. So we have starch in (both forms), red dye, yellow dyes, blue dye, sugar, tartaric acid and sodium bicarbonate.

    Could be anything really, baked goods, candy, cereals, a host of snacks or potentially even medicine.

  2. Refreshers or lovehearts? Some kind of sharp-tasting starchy sweet.

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