Two-thirds to go!

As my colleague Dr Rob Jackson has just reminded me by way of a blog post, the semester is 1/3 over! He has a great picture on his blog related to his Forensics Arson course. My current crop of courses simply cannot compete with that!

This is week 5 and yesterday was ‘super Tuesday’. I had 6 hours of teaching and a student staff liaison committee meeting in a row without a break. I started at 10 am with 1st year NMR for 2 hours. We looked at the basics but focussing on interpreting proton NMR through coupling and integration alone. For some reason the minute chemical shift tables appear, all the knowledge about coupling and integration fly out the window so they are banned while we learn about the basic theory. Then I had 3rd year inorganic reaction mechanisms and we went through some more things that are important when considering octahedral complexes. That was an hour and was  followed by our first Student Staff Liaison Committee of the year. After that, it was two hours of Industrial Chemistry with our Single Honours 2nd year class. We were looking at the role of Green Chemistry in synthesis and the benefits beyond environmental gain of ‘greening’ reactions. That session finished with us going through the guidelines for the Industrial Chemistry Module’s big assignment – a 2000 word essay in the style of a Chemistry World Type piece.

Today is slightly less hectic – 2nd year polymer chemistry presentations. The students had free choice of topic so it should be interesting. And there are biscuits…



[In week 11 I have ‘super Friday’]

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