Exam Style Question – an Experiment

We’ve been discussing exam style questions this weekend and have some frustrations about a certain style of question, one of the general form: [scenario] [two aspects that should be compared in context of scenario][selection of best aspect and justification]. In the interests of subject neutrality, I’ve drafted an exam style question of this nature. How would your (weaker) students answer this?  Or how would you  answer it if you are a student? And how would that differ to how you would want it to be answered? Answers in the comments (anonymously of course), and please state your discipline and if you are a student or lecturer!

I’ll post our thoughts on this tomorrow.


1. Abigail is planning a dinner for her parents and would like to make crumble for pudding. She has apples and oranges and must decide which to use. Critically compare the use of apples and oranges in crumble and suggest which would be most appropriate, justifying your answer fully.

(10 marks)