One year out another year in

Our 3rd years submitted their dissertations on Friday (well done all!) and our 2nd years submitted their project choices on Friday. I’ve written a few times about undergraduate research projects here. It is a hazard of having a blog dating back to mid-2009, you have to dig around a bit to find what you’ve already said on a subject before putting fingers to keyboard to bash out some more thoughts.

I don’t really think I’ve changed my opinions much since 2011:

On Third Year Projects

I still get students asking me if NMRs, samples and other experimental bits ‘look right’.

Clearly not changing my opinions has happened before as I noted in 2014:

On Final Year Projects

The project survival guide is still worth reading (and still just as relevant).

Project Survival Guide

And every year, reproducibility raises its head.

Frustrations of Reproducibility

In particular, I’d like students to give some thought to what comes after them – have they recorded all of their methods and results to a good enough standard that next year’s students could follow their methods. We got caught out by this a couple of years ago where a student had forgotten to include a fairly significant reagent from several preps.

Finally, it might help to consider what research is actually like.

What Is Research Actually Like?

So I’ll try to add something new to this collection in the next post.