Spooktacular Chemistry Fun

While the internet was wringing its collective mouse cords over the spectacularly badly thought out http://gizmodo.com/5954522/how-to-use-basic-chemistry-to-scare-the-hell-out-of-your-neighbors this Hallow’een, we were out doing some fairly decent and safe science to impress local families. We had three experiments on the go: flame tests, alien blood and enzyme catalysed decomp of hydrogen peroxide. The flame tests were given Continue reading

Chemical Treasure Hunt Part II

I have written previously about our work identifying the contents of Blists Hill Victorian Pharmacy Jars (http://www.possibilitiesendless.com/?p=931), and we’ve pretty much solved the riddle of the jars. Briefly this Victorian Pharmacy exhibit has many jars filled with either the original and sometimes labelled contents, but possibly also poorly documented replacements made by well-meaning curators over Continue reading