Chemical Shortcuts

I was writing some lecture notes this morning when it occurred to me that I’d probably never told my students of some shortcuts that are really useful. I was trying to draw structures for a synthetic route towards paclitaxel…trying is the operative word unless you are aware of what a SMILES string is and the […]

On Third Year Projects

It’s the time of year again when our soon-to-be third years are picking their final year research projects.  From some of the conversations I’ve had, the message of ‘pick the project not the supervisor’ has been well emphasised, perhaps overly so, but few people are happy when half the class picks one or two academics.  […]

Video Friday: Arsenic Munching Bugs!

An extremely topical video this week.  The Periodic Table of Video’s Martyn Poliakoff discusses whether arsenic can replace phosphorous in DNA and other biomolecules.  This is following the discovery of bacteria that can survive in arsenic rich environments and possibly incorporate the arsenic into their molecules in place of phosphorus.    If you wish to […]