Wading through literature

I’m brewing a couple of literature reviews at the moment and I’d forgotten two particularly tedious bits of the process; being sufficiently comprehensive, and accessing the papers ‘off campus’. Bloody hell! In 2000 I wrote my first literature review as part of my MChem project and the topic was ‘dendrimer catalysis’. There were only about […]

REPOST: To buy or not to buy

This was first posted on February 10th 2009. It’s an issue that’s just cropped up again in 3rd year projects! — That is the chemist’s question, this chemist anyway. In much the same way that one pays for food in a restaurant because the chef has added value by cooking and combining raw ingredients, a […]

Drug Delivery with Dendrimers

  A significant number of promising pharmaceuticals are organic molecules with painfully low solubility in water.  As most routes of drug administration involve aqueous substances such as blood, this is a big problem.  Drug delivery research focusses on effective delivery of such pharmaceuticals to improve the treatment regime for the patient or to improve the […]

POSS Dendrimers for Drug Delivery

Drug delivery is an area of research on the border of pharmaceutical science and medicinal chemistry.  My experience of drug delivery is mainly concerned with using polymers to devise new ways of getting approved drugs into the human body.  For example, a drug used in chemotherapy may well have extensive side effects when administered to a patient by intra venous infusion, […]