Science Friction

REPOST: This was first posted in February 2009. This semester ends with a ‘Chemistry of Science Fiction’ lecture-workshop so it seems appropriate. Perhaps science fiction is to blame for science’s image. Yes, I know you’re rolling your eyes thinking ‘but I loved science fiction and now look at me, the scientist’. Did you ever consider […]

Sidelined Science

The chemists on teh internetz seem to be feeling pretty hard done by these days.  I’ve seen a lot of twittering and blogging about the way chemistry is perceived by non-chemists (the public, but including other branches of science), the (mis-)use of the word chemical, the absence of chemistry blogs from most blogging networks and […]

The Scare Story Cycle

Every now and again certain scare stories raise their ugly heads and start breathing venomous fire over certain groups of people.  I’m sure someone has done a study somewhere that looks into it.   A few particularly persistent ones concern the use of online stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs…etc etc etc ad naseum. Julia has a good take on […]