On Email

I attended the HEASTEM conference back in January and went to one talk provocatively suggesting that it was time to quit social media ‘cold turkey’.  It was one of the more tempting talk titles to be honest, and the presenter made a really valid point about distractions and social media. Rewind to late last year […]

Variety in Chemistry Education 2012

You know it was a good conference when you’re still thinking about the stuff you saw over 2 weeks later! This year’s Variety in Chemistry Education conference was combined with Physics in Higher Education Conference, creating the oddly abbreviated ViCE/PHEC (pronunciations varied greatly). I particularly loved the decision on the part of the organisers to […]

Was it a seance?

“Launch of the Chancellor’s Circle The Circle has been established to recognise the generosity of alumni and friends who have remembered the University of St Andrews in their will. All members of the Circle will receive donor communications and an invitation to special Chancellor’s Circle events. The launch, presided over by Chancellor Sir Menzies Campbell […]

The Scare Story Cycle

Every now and again certain scare stories raise their ugly heads and start breathing venomous fire over certain groups of people.  I’m sure someone has done a study somewhere that looks into it.   A few particularly persistent ones concern the use of online stuff like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs…etc etc etc ad naseum. Julia has a good take on […]

Online Chemistry Resources

I’ve started a new page on this site: ‘Chemistry Online‘ (see bar above header image).  I’d like to compile a list that demonstrates the diversity of online chemistry resources.  I’ve started off with blogs, a couple of open science initiatives, the Periodic Table of Videos, and the 3 major publishing outlets for chemistry (Nature Chem, […]