Post Boxing Day Dreaming – integrating technology into the laboratory properly

I was contemplating purchasing an Amazon Echo this morning. Well I was working out what one was then thinking about what I would do with it, and I was reading some very entertaining reviews of the product that were simultaneously illuminating and distressing. Let me clarify that I haven’t bought one, and probably wont. Yet. […]

Blackboard Battles: Test Tool

Blackboard has a feature where you can create tests or surveys. I use this for pre-labs for 3 experiments in 1st year and have done so since 2013/14. I’ve used it for a lab safety quiz as well.  There are various types of question styles you can use, some that can be automatically graded (and […]

Video Friday: Chem Toddler

If you haven’t found the Chem Toddler website yet, I recommend it.  The music is ‘interesting’ but the site contains a series of videos illustrating various chemistry experiments – they are particularly good to show in lectures as appropriate.  One of my personal favourites is chromatography by black light, embedded below for your enjoyment. You […]

ViCE 2010 Talk

This is a written version of the 5 minute oral byte presentation given at Variety in Chemistry Education 2010 at Loughborough University on the 2nd of September 2010. This talk is about using a tablet PC to improve the teaching of spectroscopy to undergraduate students.  The tablet PC was purchased as part of a larger […]

Variety in Chemistry Education 2010

Next week I’m off to present an Oral Byte at the Variety in Chemistry Education conference in Loughborough.  Due to a minor scheduling class I’m there on the Thursday then off to London for Science Online London 2010 hideously early on the Friday morning. (I had to rebook my tickets after they published the programme […]