Handling Information

We place pretty high value on developing skills in information retrieval and handling frequently conflicting information in our curricula, but we’re not the best at it ourselves sometimes! My ‘mission’ over the past few months has been to reduce the duplication of effort in information we provide to our students. For example, our library operate […]

Riper Flipping?

I’m still brooding over the issue of flipping lectures as discussed here.  Having discussed some related issues with a couple of handy colleagues, I’m struck (yet again) by the quantity of reinventing the wheel that goes on. Open education resources are a good thing…aren’t they? I use videos and stuff from the net in teaching […]

National Science and Engineering Week 2012 #IAS2012 #VOF2012

Well last week was busy!  National Science and Engineering week often falls at the wrong time in the academic year – middle of semester, surrounded by marking and other catastrophes.   This year I’ve been fortunate to take part in two events, I’m a Scientist and Voice of the Future. I will freely admit that […]