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Uncomfortable Formats

First written in October 2015 and dredged out the drafts folder as I am yet again prepping for a distance learning module. I’m in the middle of prepping the first week of course materials for a distance learning module.  In theory I am converting a 1st/2nd year module delivered through 12 2-hour workshops in to…

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Chemistry within Education for Sustainable Development #LTHEchat #HEAchat

Tonight’s #LTHEChat and #HEAChat is on Education for Sustainable Development. I thought I’d drain the swamp of my head with some preliminary thoughts. We run a module called ‘Sustainable Chemistry’. It started several years ago as a 15-credit whole year 2nd year module and covered topics in sustainability, chemistry of technology, industrial chemistry, and various…

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Sustainable Chemistry

One of our new 2nd year modules this year was Sustainable Chemistry and it was an opportunity to tackle elements of Education for Sustainable Development and bring in different assessments to develop broader skill. I thoroughly recommend combing the two as sustainability may be viewed as a non-traditional Chemistry topic but provides an excellent vehicle…

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