Stop attacking technology

There are a lot of articles, twitter threads and the like flying around a few weeks ago about the alleged impact of technology on shall we say the ‘quality’ of learning? There was #LTHEchat on lecture capture, and a lot of anecdotes about lecture capture encouraging superficial learning (box set mentality) circulate regularly. The lack […]

Better Ed Tech Solutions

It’s course prep season here. It’s fun. Sort of. I’m looking forward to term starting. Kind of. I’m doing everything the same as last year. Not really. I’m frustrated that there’s no ed tech tools that do what I need them to. Totally. Screencast Presentations: After last academic year’s wee ‘oh shit I broke the VLE […]

7 days of 12 Apps of Christmas #12AoC

I spotted the 12 Apps of Christmas course being advertised in various ways back in November and immediately thought ‘ooooh shiny I want to play’. You can find out more here: Actually I thought it had some potential to keep me out of trouble for an hour or so a day, and also to introduce […]

If I designed Learning Technology…

1. The Turnitin screen could be customised to let the students self-assess their work at the point of submission. This could be with the rubric or with questions designed by the academic. 2. Blackboard tests could be deployed via the Blackboard interface during class on student devices, producing the kind of graphs that Turning Technology […]

Gotta Chem Them All

I recently bought an entry-level smart phone for the main purpose of being able to log into WeChat via a QR code. WeChat is a message app that my Chinese students use but an account requires phone details and the web version uses QR codes to login. On one hand, having a phone for login is […]

On the recording of lectures

I’ve been using Camtasia, a tablet PC (old style laptop one) and dictaphone to record lectures for about 4 or 5 years. I forget how long. I started by recording audio only, but after getting the tablet PC have moved to full screen capture. I upload processed versions of these captures to my modules. Processing […]