Poster: Alternative Assessments #ViCEPHEC17

This is my poster for #ViCEPHEC17 on a range of assessments through 3 years of the chemistry curriculum. It was a surprisingly difficult poster to put together as there was so much I wanted to include. In the end I focussed on the general skills developed rather than the specifics of each assignment. One of […]

Poster: NMR Diagnostic Test #ViCEPHEC17

One purpose of this blog post is to provide additional materials for my poster at Variety in Chemistry Education 2017. This is the third of three posters presented this year on our NMR diagnostic test project. It’s a subset of a larger project but the NMR results have been quite interesting and I’ve also been […]

#ViCEPHEC16 post-conference musings

The highlights of Variety in Chemistry Education/Physics Higher Education Conference are many and varied this year. The conference felt like it was having a wee bit of existential angst, initiated by this EiC blog post ( on whether the community at the ViCE bit was community or clique, propagated by discussions about the division between […]

#ViCEPHEC16 Pre-conference musings and updates

It’s that time of year again – Variety in Chemistry Education.  It’s so warm here in Southampton, I’m struggling to spell chemistry properly. In advance of the conference, I recommend Charles Harrison’s piece on the difference between community and clique within the ChemEd community.   By way of update to my post last year recaping […]

When September Ends…

This seems like the longest shortest summer so far. I’m really not sure what precisely I’ve done and yet I know I’ve done quite a bit. I also know I haven’t done much of what was personally important to me, and a good bit of stuff that wasn’t but that needed to be done. I’m […]

Do Chemists have Chemophobia? An Update #vicephec15

This is the blog post that accompanies my talk at #VicePhec15, Variety in Chemistry Education. If some presenters can elect to flip their presentation, no reason why I can’t blog mine! ETA:  The presentation may be viewed on SlideShare Do Chemists have Chemophobia? An Update from Katherine Haxton I use the word Chemophobia advisedly. As […]

Summers End

The air around Keele has been distinctly Autumnal of late, and in between heavy rain, it’s quite clear that summer is done. Hopefully we’ll get an Indian summer for those last few rays of hope before the season properly turns. It’s been a funny summer and quite busy. I’ve had work experience students, summer students, […]