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Belated Video Friday: A Day Without Chemistry

I saw this video earlier in the week then it slipped my mind (bad case of start-of-semester-itis).  The video is a day without ‘modern’ chemistry – what the world would be like without the discoveries of science and inventions from those discoveries.  A true day without chemistry would be impossible – perhaps only possible in…

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Video Friday: Ink

Organiker finally got it in the comments, and a couple of other folks guessed correctly on twitter. What Am I? this week was in fact paper (the top two chemicals, calcium sulfate and cellulose – the calcium sulfate is used to finish the paper) and ink (a calligraphy ink, composition taken from: José-Yacamán et al.…

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Temperature & Video Friday

A few months ago* I’m a Scientist asked for people to name how many elements in the periodic table were liquids at RTP.  Mercury and bromine obviously…or is it? The key is in the question and I’m going to be pedantic.  RTP stands for room temperature and pressure which is really going to depend on how…

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Video Friday: Arsenic Munching Bugs!

An extremely topical video this week.  The Periodic Table of Video’s Martyn Poliakoff discusses whether arsenic can replace phosphorous in DNA and other biomolecules.  This is following the discovery of bacteria that can survive in arsenic rich environments and possibly incorporate the arsenic into their molecules in place of phosphorus.    If you wish to…

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Video Friday

One summer when I was a PhD student, a very lucky undergraduate was tasked with developing new demonstrations for outreach programmes.  I remember several conversations about ‘really coooooool’ experiments that we might consider.  This was one of them, and also a good lesson in why carbon dioxide fire extinguishers shouldn’t be used for metal fires:

Video Friday: Chem Toddler

If you haven’t found the Chem Toddler website yet, I recommend it.  The music is ‘interesting’ but the site contains a series of videos illustrating various chemistry experiments – they are particularly good to show in lectures as appropriate.  One of my personal favourites is chromatography by black light, embedded below for your enjoyment. You…

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